things are almost never as they appear to be

Put on the Whole Armor of God; We are in a Battle, and the Enemy is not always obvious; the greatest enemy tries to turn the masses away from the Warriors of the Lord, those who would fight for them, and fight alongside them, and WIN; the DEVIL pits God's people against each other; that is one of his favorite tactics; don't be tricked by him; don't be deterred by gossip, smear campaigns, or slander; in case you haven't noticed, these are strange and wicked times we live in; do you really wonder why? true Christians are being persecuted, slandered, discredited; careful in judging what you don't know to be a fact, because you could be next; i am not the first person to be falsely accused and i won't be the last; what if you were me????

paranoid... or practically pragmatically perceptive?